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NOTE 1: There are two PDF password types - user (open) password and owner (restrictions) password. The user password (also called open password) protects a PDF file from opening. The owner (restrictions) password sets certain restrictions (to protect a PDF file from printing, inserting, deleting, and extracting pages, entering form data, signing, creating template pages, etc.). A PDF file may either be not encrypted at all or encrypted either only by a user (open) password, only by an owner (restrictions) password, or by both passwords.

NOTE 2: If there is either a user (open) password or an owner (restrictions) password, then the file is encrypted, then page extraction is not allowed (even if there are no other restrictions).

NOTE 3: Any encryption (including encryption by Adobe Acrobat full program) can (in certain cases) affect fonts, Javascript code, fields, and general file appearance. In such cases, a decryption (even by known password) may not restore the original (pre-encryption) fonts, Javascript, fields, and file appearance.

NOTE 4: Decryption by a known password usually affects neither fonts, nor Javascript code, nor fields, nor general file appearance. In contrast, removal of an unknown password can (in certain cases) affect Javascript code and fields, and thus can create a "mess". By this reason, in general, if the password is known, decryption should be done by utilizing the known password.

NOTE 5: The algorithm of this operation will detect and mark by a corresponding error message any input file that: NOTE 6: The algorithm of this operation will accept and successfully process any file (other than listed above), even if the file: NOTE 7: The algorithm of this operation will detect and mark by a corresponding error message a missed password.

NOTE 8: The algorithm of this operation will detect and mark by a corresponding error message any contradictory combination of restrictions.

NOTE 9: XFA vs PDF: PDF File Type vs PDF File Extension.

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NOTE 12: How to Download Your Output Files.

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All (Over 11,000) U.S. NAVY Forms
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